3 Cryptocurrencies To Buy Now: Kusama, Stepn, Tradecurve!

• Cryptocurrency market provides investment opportunities for traders and newcomers.
• Three cryptocurrencies Kusama (KSM), Stepn (GMT), and Tradecurve (TCRV) can be considered for portfolio investments.
• The technical indicators of the three cryptocurrencies suggest a positive outlook to buyers.


The cryptocurrency market is teeming with new projects that present potential investment opportunities, both for experienced traders and those who are new to the space. In this article, we discuss three high-potential digital assets that could potentially be included in a well-diversified portfolio: Kusama (KSM), Stepn (GMT), and Tradecurve (TCRV).

Kusama (KSM)

Kusama is an experimental blockchain network developed by the same team behind Polkadot. KSM token holders enjoy voting rights when it comes to influencing decisions on the network. Currently, KSM has a value of $25.61 with a market capitalization of $216M, posting an overnight gain of 2.93%. Technical indicators point towards strong buy signals, prompting experts to predict a rise in price up to $27 by the end of July.

Stepn (GMT)

Stepn is a blockchain-based platform designed to promote physical health and exercise activities among users who are rewarded in cryptocurrency for their efforts. GMT token is currently trading hands at $0.2263 with a market cap of $230M after rising 1.14% overnight, further demonstrating its potential as an investment option for savvy investors who have noticed its increasing popularity in recent weeks. Technical indicators point towards strong buy signals which could push prices up to $0.30 by month’s end according to analysts’ forecasts.

Tradecurve (TCRV)

Tradecurve is another project that has been generating buzz due to its disruptive nature within the finance sector through providing users with access to global financial markets from anywhere around the world without requiring any form of permission or approval from intermediaries or governing bodies; all within one simple app interface.. During its presale period, TCRV tokens are being traded at higher volumes than expected as buyers flock in droves seeking out this opportunity before it ends soon likely setting prices on an upward trajectory throughout the course of 2023 and beyond should predictions hold true..


Cryptocurrencies remain attractive investments due to their volatility in terms of pricing movements as well as technological advances like smart contracts and decentralized finance applications that make them ideal components for any portfolio looking for growth potential in 2021 and beyond into 2022.. While there are numerous projects out there vying for investor attention, Kusama(KSM), Stepn(GMT) ,and Tradecurve(TCRV) offer particular promise based on current trends suggesting they have what it takes not only survive but thrive long into the future making them worthy additions now especially during their respective presales periods when discounts are offered unmissable opportunities for savvy investors looking to get ahead start on their portfolios!