CoinNess and Ness LAB Team Up to Make Web3 Transition Easier

CoinNess and Ness Labs Partnership

• CoinNess, a South Korean-based crypto information portal, has partnered with Ness Lab to enable smooth Web3 transition.
• The integration of blockchain technology with the assistance of Ness LAB will enhance the transparency and security of CoinNess’ community functions.
• NESS token will be used as fuel within the CoinNess ecosystem, enabling users to earn exclusive rewards and enjoy enhanced functionality.

Increasing Demand for Crypto Assets

The need for better payment infrastructure and a hedge against global inflation has propelled the meteoric demand for crypto assets in recent times. This increasing demand for crypto assets has created the prerequisite for scalable and secure blockchains, thus necessitating timely and quality information on them.

CoinNess‘ Aim To Achieve Web3 Transition

In order to meet this ever-growing consumer demand, CoinNess has announced a strategic partnership with Ness Labs to help it transition into a more Web3-based economy that involves bringing together participants in a stable economic outlook. The partnership was formalized via a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

NESS Token’s Utility Functions

NESS token will serve as the fuel within the CoinNess ecosystem, empowering users with advantages such as token earnings, priority access to new features, and participation in token holder events and airdrops. By actively getting involved to earn NESS tokens, users gain an elevated status within the CoinNess community and can tap into various rewards.


The strategic partnership between CoinNess and Ness Labs is set up to revolutionize how people perceive and invest in blockchain technologies while also facilitating value generation through secure blockchains. With NESS token serving as fuel for CoinNess‘ ecosystem, users have an easier time accessing exclusive benefits such as rewards or priority access to new features.