Fed Chair Powell’s Grateful Dead Revelation Sparks Ripple Connection Rumors

• Jerome Powell, the Fed chairman, was allegedly in a conversation with Congressman Wiley Nickel about his interest in the Grateful Dead.
• Ripple Labs’ founder Chris Larsen revealed that the company was lucky enough to get their URL from a Grateful Dead super fan.
• Powell’s comments on Bitcoin indicate he is a fan of it and could be linked to Ripple Labs, triggering rumors of his involvement with them.

Rumors of Fed Chair Powell’s Involvement With Ripple

A recent rumor circulating online has raised eyebrows as US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has been accused of having some connection to Ripple Labs. The speculation started when someone posted an alleged conversation between Powell and Congressman Wiley Nickel before the US Congress this week where they discussed their mutual love for the Grateful Dead band.

The Grateful Dead & Ripple’s Connection

The Grateful Dead was an American rock band formed in Palo Alto, California in 1965, known for their psychedelic rock music style mixed with blues, country, folk and bluegrass influences. One of their songs titled “Ripple” which was performed on September 3rd 1988 became an inspiration for the creation of Ripple Labs decades later.

Powell’s Comments & Larsen’s Interview

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s comments on Bitcoin have indicated that he is indeed a fan and this could be linked to Chris Larsen’s 2018 video interview concerning how Ripple got started where he said they were lucky enough to get their URL from a super fan of the band. This caused many people to speculate whether there might be a deeper connection between Powell and Ripple establishment or not?


While there is no evidence yet linking Fed Chair Jerome Powell with Ripple Labs directly or indirectly, it would be interesting to see if any further information comes out that will confirm or deny these rumors once and for all.


A recent rumor connecting US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and crypto company Ripple Labs has stirred up some conversation among crypto enthusiasts who are speculating whether there is more than meets the eye or not?