The second Crypto Economy Forum brought together leading figures and experts from Spain and Latin

Last November, the II Edition of the Crypto Economy Forum took place, organized from Spain

Last November, the 2nd Crypto Economy Forum took place, which this year was held 100% online. This was reported by Crypto Plaza in Spain through its website.

According to them, it was a two-day event of 10 hours in which the listeners had the opportunity to listen to presentations of relevant national and international crypto companies. It was a 20-minute lecture format plus 10 minutes of questions. This allowed for interaction between speakers and listeners.

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Different references and experts from Spain and Latin America participated in the Forum. Below are some expressions and statements to be taken into account, which were said at the event.

For example, Francesco Renzi, CEO & Co-Founder of Superfluid, referred to labour issues and said: „If you work for a whole month and your company pays at the end of the month, you are financing it. It doesn’t seem very fair.

On the other hand, Jon Arregui, General Manager of Coinpods, spoke about energy issues: „Bitcoin is primarily driven by renewable energy“.

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Alejandro de la Torre, vice-president of Poolin, spoke about mining: „Mining has grown a lot outside China this year, which allows us to lower this dependence“.

Jesús Pérez, CEO & Founder of Crypto Plaza and Digital Assets Institute, said: „The capital efficiency of the crypto economy will be an important competitive advantage for companies and investors“.

Julien Bouteloup, CEO of Stake Capital, commented: „Voting power is really important. It is the way society can control everything. Politics does not control the country. People think the government controls the country, but it’s not true. The country is controlled by lobbies, a group much more powerful than money.

Miguel Caballero, CEO of Tutellus, spoke about tokens: „The tokenization of captables is already allowing the entry of liquidity to companies and their shareholders.

Nicolás Barilari, co-founder of CriptoKuantica, said: „With the trend of tokens to commoditization, the key difference will be to generate boutique tokens“.

Daniel Hernández, co-founder of eSignus, focused on fraud issues: „As practices within the ecosystem change, fraud varies. But it always leads to the same thing, the custody of the keys, that is, the crypts. Crypto fraud is not only a reputational problem, it is also a problem of technology adoption“.

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Some details about the forum
The 2nd Crypto Economy Forum took place on 25 and 26 November. This initiative had been held last year at Crypto Plaza (Madrid, Spain), but this year, given the situation of the pandemic, it was held 100% online.

The event was in Spanish, but there was simultaneous translation into English of the presentations in Spanish, and vice versa. Decentralised cryptomontages, Bitcoin, Banking, Superfluid, Yield Farming, Mining, STO, DeFi protocols (AAVE, Uniswap, Balancer, MakerDAO) were some of the many topics included in the agenda.