XRP Ledger Surpasses Ethereum: Hits 1.2M Transactions/Day!

•XRP Ledger records 1.2 million transactions per day surpassing Ethereum’s 1.09 million transactions.
•Active addresses on the XRP ledger has surged close to 200,000.
•XRP Price and Active Addresses have increased due to the favorable outcome of SEC lawsuit.

XRP Ledger surpasses Ethereum in Daily Transactions

The XRP Ledger has recorded 1.2 million transactions per day since the beginning of August 2023, surpassing Ethereum’s blockchain network which has recorded 1.09 million transactions every day as per data on BitInfoCharts. This massive boost in transaction volumes is attributed to the court’s ripple ruling last month in July 2023 where Judge Analisa Torres stated that the “programmatic” sales of XRP to retail players don’t constitute a security. Furthermore, some of the top crypto exchanges like Coinbase re-listed the XRP token resulting in a surge in transaction volumes and confidence among current XRP holders and draw in new investors.

XRP Transaction Volume

When considering total transaction volume, Bitcoin led the way with over $8.35 billion transacted in July while Ethereum witnessed $1.8 billion and Ripple recorded movement of nearly $500 million worth of its tokens on-chain.

XRP Active Addresses

The rising count of active addresses signifies that the XRP network retains a robust user base and transactional activity, even amidst recent price fluctuations due to its designation as a non-security by SEC may have acted as a guiding light, validating the asset’s credibility and its potential for future expansion, drawing more investors into it eco system . The active addresses on XRPL is now close to 200,000 this month alone which is a strong indicator for growth potential for Ripple Network going forward..

Price Surge of XRP

Since July when The SEC lawsuit was ruled out , there was an unprecedented price surge in xrp cryptocurrency prices . This was further propelled by some crypto exchanges like coinbase who relisted xrp token after ruling out sec lawsuit . Now with growing number if active addressess nearing 200k , indicates towards an increasing trend for xrp prices going forward .


In conclusion it can be seen that The Ripple network has experienced a clear resurgence despite recent price fluctuations with both daily transactions crossing over one million mark and active addressess nearing two hundred thousand mark , indicating towards great value appreciation potential for xrp cryptocurrency prices going forward .